Judith in England

Did Judith arrive in England, at the end? In the country where the people drive on the wrong side of the street, where it's raining and so the people have to stay at home and drink tea all day long? And how is she?   

Hello friends

about six weeks ago I arrived here in England after a 23 hour journey. And like the English people would say: “I' am fine, thank you!”.

This is a very important sentence you should know before coming to England. English people expect this answer when they ask you: “How are you?” And it doesn't matter how you really feel.

And of course it's not raining here all the time ;)

Where and how do I live?

The place where I live is called North Cotes. It's a very small village and belongs to the next bigger city Grimsby. And when I say small I mean really small. Compared to North Cotes my small home town Rahden is big! The next shop, the next church, yes nearly everything is about 20 minutes from here (by car). But I cannot say that I am lonely.

The campus I am living on belongs to en bible college.

About 60 motivated students live here on campus and most of them live in the house next door. So there is always something going on: Bonfires at the beach, a short trip to Lincoln, birthday- surprise- parties or just a relaxed evening in fellowship.

I share an apartment with two other volunteers who both work in the kitchen.

What am I doing here?

From Monday to Friday I am working from 8:30am to 12:30pm in the nursery. In the afternoon I have to clean the nursery building so that everything is tidy and disinfected when the kids come the next morning :)    

There are four of us in the nursery team: Mandy, Katie and Kirsty who studied here at the bible college before (they are both very creative) and myself.

At the moment we look after ten kids. They are between “only a few month old” to “nearly four years old”.

These kids are the children of the married couples who are studding the bible here on North Cotes College.

" Es ist super aus der bekannten Umgebung rauszukommen und man lernt richtig viel durch und über den Umgang mit anderen Menschen aber auch über sich selbst, zum Beispiel, dass ich gerne ältere Gäste bediene. "

Regine, England